1″ Foam Yoga Brick (1” x 8” x 12″)

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Category:Yoga Blocks


Measures 1” x 8” x 12”
Firm, scratch-proof exterior
Individually wrapped
Lightweight Eco Friendly EVA foam that is firm and durable
Brand and Packaging: Sunshine Yoga Studio Line with no branding or UPC labels. Individually shrink wrapped.
Our Foam Yoga Brick, made of lightweight, dense, and scratch-proof foam, features a non-toxic foam and maintains its shape even after being used as support in weight-bearing poses. The brick can be used to provide support and stability in exercises like the plank or forward-bending postures. Yogis also use it to alleviate wrist pain caused by carpal tunnel or stiff joints during weight-bearing poses requiring flat palms. 


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